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CabinC H A R T E R, Ibiza boat renting, Mallorca boat, Formentera boat,charters and excursions in yachts, - Charter and Holiday on Sail Boat - CabinCharter

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CabinC H A R T E R, Ibiza boat renting, Mallorca boat, Formentera boat,charters and excursions in yachts,



This wonderful group of islands is divided into Gimnesias (Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera) in the North, and Pitiusas (Ibiza and Formentera) in the South-West. Their excellent climate with some 300 days of sun per year, wonderful beaches, a rich cultural offer and the hospitality of their inhabitants make Balearic Islands one of the preferred holiday destinations. Each of the islands has a strong personality all of its own, and each of them offers much more but the possibility to spend nice holidays at the beach ...visiting the archipelago by boat allows you to explore hidden bays accessible only by the sea and to swim in crystal water and beautiful underwater landscapes without renouncing to the amazing amusements and nightlife.

Our Bases are Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza
We propose three kind of routes for a one charter week

1- Itinerary 01:
Palma de Mallorca – Ibiza – Formentera (1 week)

2- Itinerary 02:

Palma de Mallorca – Cabrera – Minorca (1 week)

3- Itinerary 03:

Ibiza - Formentera (1 wee

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- Is the "major" of the islands. La Ciutat, as the Mallorquines call their capital Palma de Mallorca, will impress you from the moment you arrive to its port: yachts, palms, the cathedral, the "Paseo del Borne", heart of the historical center and one of the most lively streets in town... Palma creates magic: History and modernity melt together with the deep blue of Mediterranean sea.
Mallorca's wonderful climate, beautiful landscapes as well as its cosmopolitan ambience make it a privileged holiday resort, with a cultural offer comparable to the one of many European capitals. At Mallorca, you will find relaxation, inspiration, culture and entertainment...and all the time along the seaside, you will see its amazing beaches: Playa d'Es Trenc, a 3 km white-sand Caribbean-like beach, El Arenal and its waterfront with palms and chiringuitos and Formentor, dipped in the nature and with green emerald water.

Menorca - Legend tells that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people....and certainly this island has a very strong personality and a very different one to the rest of the islands. Menorca, the "minor" island, as it was called by Romans, has an almost virginal interior and shows interesting remains of its old history.
On the other hand, there are beaches and lonely bays around it at a length of 216 kilometers. An ideal resort for all those who are looking for true relaxation. The beaches in the South of Menorca, migjorn, of white sand, are mostly surrounded by pine woods with rich vegetation. The northern coast, la tramuntana, is steeper, with rocks, of great beauty.
The chief town Mahón, in the south-est, rises at the end of a long (5 km) and characteristic natural fiord, a real natural harbor among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean. In northern direction, we arrive to the splendid beach of Arenal d'en Castell, the romantic fishing port Fornells, and the cave Cueva Na Pulida with its stalagmites and stalactites. Ciutadella is located at the island's western extreme: again, there are wonderful bays around: Cala en Blanes, Cala en Forcat , Cala en Brut, Cala Santandria and Cala Blanca

Ibiza - often called the White Island for its typical architecture, became a major center of touristical attraction during the 1960s, being then famous for its "Hippie-Culture" and nudist beaches. Is still famous all around the world the island's rollicking nightlife, which already starts in the afternoon, at the beaches and in the center of town, to continue until dawn in the numerous discotheques such as Pacha, Privilege (the biggest club of the world) and Amnesia.
But the island also preserves wild roadsteads and uncontaminated beaches of white sand such as Cala Longa, Cala Tarida and Las Salinas. Among the best beaches in northern direction there are Cala Talamaca and Cala Llonga. If you leave the beaches behind you, to explore the island's interior, you will find a pure and simple Mediterranean culture, and remains of populations which inhabited Ibiza thousands of years ago, as for instance the famous wall-paintings of Ses Fontelles.

Formentera - This small island, with a surface of 90 and some 5200 inhabitants, is located 11 miles from the south-eastern coast of Ibiza. The sea is visible from practically any point of the island, and there are numerous great beaches and lonely bays, some of them with incredible grottos. Its favorised climate, with springtime temperatures during almost all the year, its rich vegetation of pines as well as palms, and its quiet and relaxed ambience make Formentera a true paradise.

Cabrera - When visting Cabrera, located just face to face to Mallorca's southern coast, and its lonely beaches, you might really feel like Robinson Crusoe. Cabrera was declared a nature preserve in 1991. The archipelago consists of the main island, Cabrera, and 18 smaller islands. Diving is allowed only in the bays Cala Galiota and Es Dimoni, however these are true paradises for divers.

Es Vedra and Atlantis - The small island of Es Vedrà, 380 meters high, it is found southwest of Ibiza. The legend tells of phenomena and inexplicable sightings, bundles of light, fields of energy...
Atlantis is in front of the island of Es Vedrà and next to the beach of Cala d’Hort: a magic and enchanting show, enormous natural swimming pools among the rocks, transparent sea, sketches carved among the rocks, natural altars.
The legend says that the Egyptians came here with fleets of sailboats to take rocks to build the Pyramids. Going up again along the path there is a cavern with an enormous Buddha carved in the rocks....this is the other face of Ibiza, that magic and legendary.

Special August Cruises - Classic Boat
Departure: 1- 8- 15- 22 -29  August
Base / Departure from: Palma de Mallorca,  Marina Alboran
Check In:
saturday at 04.00pm
Check Out: saturday at 9.00am (return in port friday evening)
800 euros per person for a weekly cruise

Our Contacts:
Info and Reservation Cruises
  +39 392 3422661 -  +39 340 3379265

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