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BV Island


BV Island British Virgins Islands:

Caribbean, Little Antilles, West Indies, are most famous names for this archipelago expand like arch up to South American coast. Islands, splitted in two, Windward and Leeward, are in prevalence volcanogenic and are the extreme eastern of Caribbean’s, 60 miles from Porto Rico: 60 islands like a crown round Sir Francio Drake Chanel, every with its own character.
Only 16 islands are lived and the biggest are Tortola, our departure ports, Virgin Gorda, Anegada e Jost Van Dyke.
The attenuated tropical climate from the crystalline sea, gives a pleasant warm but not torrid summer favouring rain forests that enrich landscape of infinites colours. A perfect paradise where bays, both of white coral sands and black lavic sands create a perfect scene for how many wish to be rocked from the fascination of the place.
Little Antilles are dream for every sailor. Moving by sailing boat trough islands, guiding from a natural wonderful landscape, is an incomparable pleasure.
Here you come mostly for sailing, pushed out from trade winds over a crystalline sea lacking in sea motion thanks to the protection of the reef.
A pleasure navigation is warranted by calm waters and always good weather.
Thank for a natural landscape, British Virgin Islands have always had a charm from old times.
With little bays and hidden inlets, once upon a time paradise's pirates, British Virgin Islands are today the most beautiful place where stop during Caribbean’s cruise. Various vegetations depends from greater rainfall area, some place have blooming palms and mangroves and other areas appears dry and full of cactus.

crociere isole vergini britanniche in barca a vela e catamarano elodea viaggi

Tortola - Virgin Gorda - Anegada - Jost Van Dike - Norman Island - Cooper Island

From Tortola to virgin Gorda - 1 hour and Half

Green mountain and white bays characterize Virgin Gorda, there aren’t villages but only some houses, an airport and a lot of boats. Known for “Baths”, transparent and excelsior waters. Who has seen Corsican cliffs of Lavezzi’s island in Bonifacio’s mouths, can have an idea: sailing boat can be anchored in the one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
In a part of one kilometre of coast, enormous circles granite rocks dip in white sands, crating caves and natural swimming pools and palms compete in height with imposing rocks.
In north of Nort Sound, you can relax at famous Bitter End Yacht Club bay.

From Virgin Gorda to Anegada - 2 hours and Half

Anegada is surrounded by big coral reef with difficult passages, in fact it’s needed authorisation for landing place.
The landscape is wonderful with a rich fauna: pink flamingos, herons, iguana which could reach more than one meter of length.
Numerous wreckages, among old and new one, imprisoned in the corals and maybe something hide important treasures in its holds. Another reason for diving in this beautiful depths. Island is a white sand strip long 20 kilometres and large under three kilometres. Higher top is six metres

From Anegada to Jost van Dyke - 3 hours and Half

The islands have the same name of legendary pirate: flying Dutch. It remains savage and offers a lot of quiet small landing place and beautiful depth for diving. A casual atmosphere, wanted on island, is best appreciated with a glass of rhum and a background guitar calypso.

From Jost Van Dyke to Norman Island - 1 hour and Half

Green, nearly deserted, full of caves, called “treasure’s island”, reconfirm its legend about pirates and hide treasures. Here is possible find more an good landing places. In the night is very suggestive to drink something on “William Thornton”, an ancient vessel approached southeast of The Bight.

From Norman Island to Cooper island 1 hour and Half

Principals landing place are on Manchineel Bay north west of the island. The place is so called for numerous poisons fruit trees on the bays, yellow green apples whose juice can succeed in scottar you if touched.


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