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The aroma of spices which haunts the trade-winds, the warm sun on your face and the fine sand between your toes. The sight of clear blue skies above groups of green islands which send forth the music of drums on the evening breeze,
calling you in to land to sip a delicious cocktail and taste the local cuisine which will set your mouth watering…All your senses tell you that you are in the Caribbean.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Grenadine Islandsare located in the south Eastern Caribbean about 90 miles west of Barbados - the likely place that you would disembark then continue your flight to St. Vincent.
The islands lie between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and are located north of Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago and south of St. Vincent. The islands and cays offer a traveller white sand beaches edged with deep blue waters
lined with palm trees. Many of these islands are "Gilligans Islands" - remote little or no population with a unique Caribbean flavour. The Grenadines are a favourite with sealers who can sail right up to a small island and explore the area
(note sailors and boaters must first visit a customs office before anchoring).

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crociere isole granadines in barca a vela e catamarano elodea viaggi

St. Vincent
Capital of the Grenadines, St. Vincent and the surrounding islands are an incredible cruising area offering lively winds and plain sailing. The dock on the southern tip of St. Vincent offer a beautifully protected harbour, perfectly placed for sailing southwards as well as for inland day trips.
Eight nautical miles from St. Vincent, Bequia is an old favourite of sailors. Head for Admiralty Bay, where you can spend some time on land visiting the various shops, bars and fine restaurants along the sea-front. Bequia has several renown scuba-diving points as well as a sea-turtle sanctuary.
This is one of the most exclusive islands in the world, frequented by various figures of royalty and numerous rock stars. It is surrounded by coral reefs, beaches and sandy bays. The meeting point of the island, where holiday-makers and inhabitants mingle, is Basil’s Bar in Britannia Bay, the island’s main port.
Tobago Cays – Mayreau
A national sea-park that you can’t afford to miss. The Tobago Cays are to be found on top of the list of sailing destinations. Snorkelling and scuba diving in the Horseshoe Reef, which protects this handful of islands, is a sight which offers a kaleidoscope of underwater colours. There are numerous docks as well as little sandy beaches surrounded by green palms to be explored.
Union Island – Palm Island
Clifton, the bustling main port of Union Island, has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is also the main sailing centre of the southern Grenadines. Here you can find supermarkets and boutiques aplenty, and you can also visit the shark collection in the swimming pool of the Anchorage Hotel. The ideal place for a drink or a good meal. Palm Island: very fine white sand, an unreal atmosphere, an island that you just cannot miss.

St. Vincent - Bequia - Mustique Britannia Bay - Canouan - Tobago Cays - Mayreau - Petit - Sandy Island
From Blue Lagoon (ST. VINCENT) to Bequia (Admirality bay) - 1 and a 1/2 hours

The arrival is at Admirality bay, on the Isle of Bequia. On this island, old traditions, such as the building of craft-made boats on the beach, are still preserved.
Wonderful models of these boats can be purchased at the shops in Port Elisabeth.
In addition to clear water, the great appeal of this small creek is the “old English” atmosphere which one can still breathe. The absence of an airport preserved these places from a wild tourist development. Its small hotels and bars are in the typical colonial style too.
In the small creek of Friendship bay one has the chance to bathe and relax.
From Bequia to Mustique (Britannia Bay) - 1 and a 1/2 hours
Mustique, “the VIP island”.
On this island there are the villas of personalities such as Paul Newman and Mick Jagger. It is likely to meet them in one of the bars on the beach or for an appetizer at the Basil ’s bar.
In case of overnight stay in Mustique, we suggest taking an appetizer or having dinner on the terrace of the restaurant on the hill overlooking the bay (Firefly).
From Mustique Britannia Bay to Canuan - 2 and a half hours
A few miles southwards, there is Canuan, a barren, wild but very charming island. The most beautiful place for mooring is “the Pool”.
Rameau Bay is also a beautiful place where to moor. It is excellent to go for walks and its wonderful beaches offer fantastic views.
From Canuan to Paradiso in Tobago Cays - 1 hour
Tobago Cays is the most spectacular anchorage spot of this itinerary and one of the most enchanting places in the world.
Everybody dreams visiting this group of four small islands with shallow water protected by a long horseshoe-shaped coral reef and with an excellent sea-floor.
From “Tobago Cays” to Mayreau – Salt Whistle Bay - 1/2 an hour
Salt Whistle Bay, on the north-western coast of Mayereau, is a must. It is a very sheltered small reek where one can bathe in a natural coral pool.
The restaurant overlooking the beach is very romantic.
Towards Petit St. Vincent - 1 hour
Going through Union Island and Palm Island one arrives at Petit St. Vincent, where the tiny island that only has a palm-tree and a straw sunshade parasol can be admired.
At 10 minutes’ sailing, there are two small sandy islands: Pinese and Mopion.
From Petit St. Vincent to Sandy Island (Carriacou) - 1 hour

This is another wonderful tiny uninhabited island with beaches and palm-trees.
From Carriacou to Palm Island and Union Island - 1 hour
Clifton, the busy main port of Union Island, has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is the sailing centre of the Southern Grenadines. There are several supermarkets and boutiques. One can visit the shark collection in the pool of the Anchorage Hotel. It is the ideal place for a drink or a good meal.
Palm Island: fine white sand, an unreal atmosphere, an island one must visit.



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