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The three Egadi Archipelago Islands that form the Egadi archipelago off Trapani are called Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.
A transparent sea, a submarine world of grottos, walls and rocky seabeds where gorgonias, sponges and parazoanthus live together with lobsters, scorpion-fish, muraenas, crabs and sparidae.
In spring these seas become the "highways of tuna-fish" which is the island's chief source of employment, of economic prosperity, of poetry and of the legendary tales of these islands.
The three Aegadian islands (the mythical "Aegades" of Homer's tale) are known as the islands of the goats and have been left almost entirely untouched by man. These natural reserves populated
by migratory and non-migratory birds are covered by Indian figs, dwarf-palms and Mediterranean shrub.
Tourism does not interrupt the quietness nor the silence that surrounds visitors looking for a world different from what they usually live in. Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo (province of Trapani)
are the main islands of a group of microisles surrounded by numerous crags rising out of the sea like flowers in a waterfield.

For the fond of sub the islands hasn't envy to the most famous tropical seas. In every period of the year, with whichever time, the sub it will be able to be dipped in the cold seas,
whether from a reef whether the wide one of the coasts. The more spectacular points you can reach only by boat and the immersions to Levanzo and Marettimo are possible only way to sea.

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The three Egadi Archipelagoislands that form the Egadi archipelago off Trapani are called Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo


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It is the main island of the Egadi, seen from the coast it seems to be a butterfly with spread out wings. Its name derives from “Favonius", the gentle warm western wind of the ancient Romans.
At about 9 miles from Trapani (Sicily) the island, with its small beaches, beautiful unpolluted inlets and crystal clear sea, represents a desirable tourist destination that connects perfectly past to present. Here lives
a small community of fishermen that has been living for centuries particularly on tuna fishing.
Nowadays Favignana boasts the only profit-making "Tonnara" in the Mediterranean where its particular fishing practice consists of a complex system of nets lowered into the sea from April
to July. It ends with the "mattanza" (killing the fish), a violent but tradional ritual.

Defined as the lonely island, a natural oasis for those who love peacefulness in harmony with nature, Levanzo is the smallest and the oldest of the Egadi islands, its origin dates back to
200,000 years ago. Its coasts are characterized by a continuous succession of inlets and bays, each gifted with unique appeal due to the rich and rare flora which includes different endemic
species (about 400).
Visiting the Genovese cave you can admire the graffiti designs, dated back 9200 b.C., that testify to the presence of an ancient civilization of hunters and tuna fishers.

Marettimo is the farthest of the Egadi Islands: green, with tall cliffs that hang down to the warm and intensely turquoise sea, is considered one of the last unpolluted natural paradises of the Mediterranean.
The characteristic of this Mediterranean pearl that makes it unique, is its luxuriant nature with a rich fauna both above and below the sea. In the mountainous area it is populated by wild mountain goats, boars and rabbits. The island is a nest-building place of the second Mediterranean colony of the storm bird and of the Bonelli eagle.
Another cause for boast of Marettimo are its caves, the most famous of them are the Camel and Thunder caves. People have a profound sense of hospitality and always desire exchanging opinions with those who arrive from afar.


Others beautiful places in the area

San Vito Lo Capo
It is a small village of increasing tourism on the Sicily coast not far from Trapani.
Its marvellous beach of fine white sand becomes intensely rose-coloured at sunset.

The Reserve of the Zingaro
It is located between San Vito Lo Capo and Castellamare del Golfo and includes a splendid
and uncontaminated coastal stretch in the gulf of Castellammare (approx. 7 Km).
The reserve is a natural paradise, miraculously undamaged in its incomparable beauty.
Its coastline is continuously alternated by sea cliffs, rough promontories, magnificent inlets, golden
beaches,  submarine caverns and tunnels which reflect themselves in the unpolluted and always
limpid sea.

Appreciated tourist and bathing locality, Ustica is one of the most ancient volcanic islands rising out
of depths of the sea. It is full of indented coasts, inlets and bays which open into splendid grottoes
which sometimes can be reached only by ships.
The village widens shaping an amphitheatre round a bay where is placed the port.


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